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Achieving the dream

This post is a continuation of our greatest asset.

In Achieving the dream, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to enter into the kingdom of heaven than for a rich man. The rich man thinks that he has self actualised and therefore does not need change. He cannot be malleable nor flexible. Wisdom is needed to be malleable and flexible. Knowledge is needed to even spot the eye of a needle. Change is the only thing that does not change and that is where we have to be double delivered.

Achieving the dream

In John 3:1-7 we read that except a man is born again. Born again means to get the knowledge of a thing first. You need to be born of spirit and water after born again; that is wisdom is needed to enter. We all can see the goodies in the land however, you need the wisdom to enter and take your possession.
Until you discover the mysteries in God’s kingdom, you are still dueling in the foundations and the fundamental principles. These elementary principles Heb.6:1-2 is what most of Christianity is today. Christians are eager to show off their new attire in church, ask what church do you go to?, who is your pastor; name, origin, etc.. What is that nonsense all about? Go back and read what all those child-ish discussions as Paul called them! Let us study and learn what it means to be of better use to our society by being productive and effective work force for our various countries as a whole.


What is perfection. Digging deep! Let us move from these minor things. Even the devil can preach these things. Let us not be prayer collectors but we should be anointing distributors.
In achieving the dream, there are always opportunities out there however, it is for you to decide it the way that has opened for you is the right one for your success concept. We all have our destiny and therefore dream. There is a structure in every fulfillment of the dreams. When the dream is achieved, we then live on our dreams and get fulfilled. Those persons mentioned above saw their dreams from the past.
A dream about the future is what led Ruth to declare herself to follow Naomi. She saw herself in the next few years where she would be. DREAMS!

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