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Have you ever taken time to ask yourself why did I used to ask God WHY? We sometimes ask God the question why? Why this and why that! Why did that opportunity pass me by? Have you also paused to think “What do I think the reply of God would be if I could clearly hear Him?” We can speculate and say that He might ask you “Why asking me why?” or “Why do you choose to do it your way?”
The life you live is constructed by you. We always think it is God’s time. The Bible says there is a time a season for everything (Eccl. 3:1). Do you actually think that it would take God all this time for us to achieve this or that thing? God keeps training us gradually till He then presents us with an opportunity to see if we can recognise it as opportunity and take it. It might be small but…. it is still an opportunity.
We normally arrogantly allow the fish to pass and when the big ones finish passing we cry foul. Either we are looking for a bigger thing and the smaller ones we could use for foundation passed us by or we are looking for smaller things only and the big one we have now passes us by.

Barriers to opportunity

The younger generations today do not want to listen to the advice of the older ones just as we did not listen to our older ones. The question is who are we that the younger ones should look on to us? So the question in those days was who were those older ones that we could look on to them?
There is something inside you that your child is looking onto and if that thing is better, they think is on the streets, than in you they go to the street for it. The parent is the biggest and the best role model for the child (Prov. 22:6).

God is able

Reading Daniel 3:16-18 we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. My key point of emphasis is the confession to the king of Babylon that even if (v.18), our Lord does not deliver us, we would still not bow to you. This is one of the bulls and bears section of the Old Testament in the Bible that I refer to as hair raising moments for me. These were Jewish slaves who as per custom, claimed no right whatsoever. No matter how they worked hard, they were not the same as the inhabitants.

Though they were slaves, they were loyal to the king in all matters and the kingdom recognised them for their worth. Yet at that point, at the dire circumstance, they confessed their Lord publicly grasping thoroughly the consequences.
Many of us will find vivid excuses to convince ourselves we needed to bow to the idol, to stay alive so to fight another day. But the Hebrew boys did not!
Overtime, some men were sent to check if they had perished. They said to the king mysteries he had not heard before. The observers witnessed four men, and the fourth is like the son of God.

The word of God is the same as all ways. Fast forward to the Book of John 11:34-35 onwards, we refer to how the Lord asked, where have you placed him? Later, the Jews there commenting that, could not this man have saved Lazarus? Even the sister of Lazarus doubted. Jesus wept due to their unbeief that He is God.
What represent the problem here? And what is your problem? You go to church always, but have you constantly said to yourself with all sincerity that My God is able? Do you believe the same God in the old testament is the same one in the new testament and therefore the same today? Can God through the Christ in you save you by the Daniel and co.’s confidence (faith)?
Our God knows who you are. (Jeremiah 1:5-10)
He is not a man that He should lie. (Numbers 23:19)
He is the alpha and omega. (Revelation 1:8)
This is why we say He is able. Amen.

Key for divine intervention

In Proverbs 3:9 onwards, the Scripture requires us to honour the Lord with our most valuable substance. Why? So that the Lord God can favour us with plenty. Let us equally see Eccles. 10:6-7 and upon careful deliberation, we demand why?
Many times, we cry to the Lord that we worship Him with all our substance, but we ask Him questions as to why things do not seem to go the satisfactory way for us. We indeed ask Him, is it bad to worship You? But what the Lord answers is that, do you not note what my word declares in Galatians 5:22-23 and 1 Corinthians 12? Have you demonstrated what my word declared in those scriptures? What of the ones in Matthew 7?
There are many times when we ran to the church in search for deeper answers to why things are not going our way. The pastor may end up notifying you; you need to give this or that, do this ritual or the next and so forth but one thing that is always lacking is, what are you doing to delve deeper into the word of God to receive your own revelation. We wait upon others to reveal the Bible unto us.
In our churches, we do not even know what deliverance is. We think one must fall down and roll to have a demon pop out of us. We indeed believe that or we are religiously programed to think that if a person does not pray in tongues, they are not praying enough for God to listen to them.
The majority of our Christian church goers possess no understanding of what they do anyway. But those that allow the word of God to be rooted in them know and understand clearly, that for God, all He requires of us is Honour. He said honour me (Proverbs 3:9), reverence me, be humble before me! Allow not anything to come between you and I. God is asking you this question right now. He asks, if you have faith in Me to make you come to my house to pray all day seeking my face. You hope for substance you do not see but you have evidence that you have it. Can you honour me with that which I give to you (that you did not originally have)?

Examine this story

A young individual who ate left over food and crumb for many years after graduating from the university was in dire need of a livelihood. He had nothing to go by. He prayed and begged all manner of people for a job. Things only seem to go worse. One day, a former school colleague met him, and he got introduced to the father of the colleague. This tattered man, looking cleaned up now, got introduced to another man who decided to give him a job in his establishment with a monthly salary fattier than he anticipated. The employer told the new employee behind closed doors. You know, I have got you this job, but you know it is a bit bigger than you. However, I did you this favour and therefore, you will pledge some cash from your salary to me. You will give me a token of appreciation; the value of which was about nine to eleven percent of his salary. This new employee was so happy and readily accept the offer; and did accordingly for three months.
Assume what happened in the fourth month. He still offered the cash to the employer but in the fifth month, he paid nothing. By the twelfth month, he still offered nothing. Promotion came in after a while and life was actually looking up with his social life following suit as well. Time was passing and you see, time is a healer of sorrows. Things looked usual and normal.

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Key for Divine Intervention

Continued from Key for Divine Intervention (1)

One day in the sixth year, another colleague joined the work and also started their journey. In two years, they had achieved all the former beggar and tattered person had achieved and surpassed them. The position of the former and older employee was being taken over gradually. One day they went out to party together. In a conversation, the newer employee who has been there for two years was talking praises of the employer who has guided him all along till now. He confided in the original older former beggar that, the employer confided in him and briefed him about an ungrateful person he had helped but did not express thanks satisfactorily to him. So, he the new employee always continues to fulfil his part. As they drunk and the conversation continued, the employee No. 2 confided in him. He said, look at me, I was in a very bad place even unto death. This man took me, paid for medication for me, gave me this job when I lost all hope. When he asked me for twelve percent of my salary, I was prepared to give him all. But the boss said, No; only twelve percent. I still do pay till today. It dawned on employee No. 1 and he groaned: Oh, how silly and greedy I have being…
A very important statement the employee No. 2 noted was that, due to the mere twelve percent he gives to the employer, he had learnt the habit and skill of saving some more. He further puts aside eight percent in a savings account.
You see this is how we are with God. Imagine the original employee going to ask for favours from the employer. What would YOU do or say to them??
God is asking you that, this important thing you are asking me to do. When I do it and I later ask for a part of it, would you readily give?
Many Christians worship God when it is convenient for them and give God what they presume God needs. We even say, God understands the situation. We say we are alright but inside us we know we are not honest, and we are lying to ourselves. We go to the church when it is convenient, but we do not go to our earthly offices whenever it is convenient. Why? Therefore, the word of God says, I have seen servants sitting on horse backs…( Eccles. 10:6-7) Servants are those who are such that they are not up to your level and you can imagine in your culture, who a servant is.
When you are in line for the blessings and favour of God, nobody can say NO. All God ask for, is doing your part to honour me with your substance. It is when we honour God; we have the key for divine intervention. If you revere God, you will give Him anything He wants from you. Those who honour God are not reminded to carry out their job. They already know their job descriptions. This is why, God is saying you who say that you are mine are at the back whiles those who do not know me are at the front of the queue and enjoying. Why? For God, those who do according to His divine laws are blessed whiles many of us Christians who confuse ourselves with present-day Christianity, which we do not understand, to languish in life’s jail.
Apostle Paul spent a lot of time as an academician to advise Timothy, to study (2 Timothy 2:15). Spend your time to meditate upon the word of God. You will spend little time running after clueless persons of God for prayers, they themselves cannot pray for themselves. You have the same anointing that rose Christ from the dead at resurrection. That same one is in your pastor. The difference? Your pastor has learnt to use their anointing while you are okay to dwell in the poverty of information usage. No one is saying do not go for prayers. You need to know that you only go for prayers because you want to join forces with the person of God to help pray and petition God on an issue.
If you do not understand the sustainability of the miracle you have received, the problem you had will come back, so the Bible indicates in Matthew 12:43-45. However, with knowledge which comes by studying to understand the word of God, you can sustain a miracle and healing. Knowledge lets us know; we need to have a reason why we worship God. Give your substance to God and know why you are giving to God. Tell God, I am giving you this because You said….., and I expect to have this….. However, not by my will but Yours.
Everything you are led to give to God must have a name attached to it. It must be given with honour to Him or else you had better keep it and use it for yourself.

A New Beginning

Every new beginning comes with a new mandate to the prepared individual and this is what a sacrifice means in Romans 12:1-3. Now it is very difficult to leave behind what happened to us in the past both in our social life and in our personal life. But it is important to learn from those things which happened and always remember that God loves us and so we are going to learn from them. Just as, if it happens to us, someone else will learn from them.

When you can lay back what has past, then you are dead to those things so God can call you an achiever. Every brand-new day or occasion in your life is an opportunity for a new thing to begin or continue. The Bible (John 12:24-25) makes it clear that unless there is an opportunity of going down, there is no lifting up. People need to first laugh at you, so that they are presented with the opportunity to come laugh with you. They laugh at you because they thought you were not good enough but now; they judge you to be good enough. Think about today but learn from yesterday.


From Romans 13:1, let every person be subject to the authority. It should not be only you in competition with the world. Others also want it to be done in their way and so if it is not done in your way, allow the majority to go on. The pastor in a church may want some things to go on however, if other prominent members in there do not want it that way, the pastor who is the head, probably in that assembly finds it difficult to progress on. Whereas in the beginning the church leader may have set up shop to go in a certain direction, but the opposition did not give him/her the way. They did not lie to the congregation when it came to what they wanted to do (Eg. manifesto) but the powers did not give chance.
It is not wrong to oppose decisions but is the nature in which the opposition manages its operations that is of concern. What is the reason behind the opposition? Is it for the interest of the people generally, or it is for the personal gain of one or two individuals? Every new beginning is a new thinking in operation. For a believer of Christ, we need understanding that when you have put in your all, whatever happens, God is in it. Change cannot happen in human effort alone as we love to think. All we do as human effort is to rebrand the same thinking and call it change. My brethren and sistren, human beings by nature do not change. Change, that God is not in, falters. Once the structure is laid down, it is laid down. It would remain so, and all people follow it as it is. This is how all our communities and countries are.
It is thoroughly recognised that change is eminent in this world. It is so, and that is why we all transform.

Church Offices

The world is waiting on us the believers of the Son of the Creator to deliver innovative change to the community.Our environmental investment into the community for its maturity is what people are looking for from us. The world is not expecting us to start in-fighting in the church. In our church environment as Christ believers (Eph. 4:11), we should be prophets who see what is coming before it comes; we should be the apostles who would implement those things which the prophets have seen; we should be the pastors who will administer change; we should moreover be the evangelist would bring our ethics to the knowledge base of the church, and also their value and principles to the people. This is what collectively the world wants to see as a church. The body of Christ should be seen in its fully maturity where people in it have put away their little human squabbles and are ready to match exemplarily through the community to promote hope to the hopeless.
Therefore, as a prophet, I prophesy to you that as you change your mind in the new beginning, a brand-new thing is going to take place in allow areas of your life. As you obey the authorities, doors will be unlocked. No door will be closed against you. Every new beginning is a period of growth, for you, a period of attainment, a period of fulfilment, and prosperity in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The mind of God

All over the world people are shocked by the new world order, but it was God’s doing that things changed here and there. We see a new world order in political spheres. Many people did not expect what they detected in elections today. However, in all we hear today, the Word of God represent an answer. There is nothing happening today, that is not similar to what happened in the Bible.

God provides the nations what suit them and tailor them. How a people is, represents how their leadership is. If God is not there, there will be no leadership. God is in action in all nations and determines the voice of the people to act. When the majority have voiced out, it is the voice of God there. This is the truth in its entirety. Romans 12:1 implies we should present ourselves presentable to God and man as a living sacrifice who is now how they say and act.

Meaning, you are what you declare and undertake. You represent the sacrifice in all you do which means you represent the messages you voice out and forward from your mobile phones. You are to experience your life in sacrifice, means at any time you are to be held accountable for all you declare and conclude.

All you write in social media is who you are.Who you are comprise your name. It is not what you consider yourself, but your name is what you represent. Your mother and father called you by a name. But for God, what He calls you is His intent for you. However, you still have a right, or a will to alter your name like in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

Spreading from Integration
Making use of now is to make use of the tools available to you. At times your life
can be made use of by others in the community. Make use of the tools you have now. There are reading materials out there to motivate you to greater heights so please make use of now.
What makes you uniques is that you are special than the next person you are dealing with. Ask this: How sustainable is that office you have today? Do you test your skills? Challenges are good for us all because they brings out the best in us so test yourself all the time. Anything you want to do there are many resources out there, today we have YouTube and the internet for us to learn from.
Never think you are the best today and be big headed; for a time comes soon that someone would come to challenge you. We need the power of the Holy Spirit for now to realise or manifest the future. Practice is good however, if you do not have passion in that thing you are practicing, you would never be good at it. Passion will make you put an effort in everything you do.
Can God use you now? God can make use of you now for anything He wants. The anointing of God can fall on anybody He chooses to perform with. This anointing is the Holy Spirit of God to function. If you are the only person available to be used, God would use you. Because God has used someone to perform a miracle does not means that they are making heaven.
It is a chance not a right to do the work of God. Explore the opportunity you have to do God’s work. It is the only work you do not contest for and God has always raised someone in the community to do His work.

It has become so natural for many of us Christians in particular to continue living in the past. We naturally forget about today. The presence is so far to many of us. Christianity of today is to deal with our ability to link the living of today into that of yester-years and forge a way to sustain our tomorrow.

Living in the past

Many times we find ourselves far behind schedule. We have to develop things that would make us move forward. There must be changes in our concepts and mentality. successful people aer specially trained to explore where there is weakness and that is where there are things that will make you move forward. Success concepts looks at places of weakness. That is where the opportunity is! It is by being the best in that area. what is the rational behind fight a man in his strongest area.
A football match is won by exploring the weakness of the opponent. That is why we need to understand as Christians that your opponent is not your enemy. The opponent brings out the best in us and that only happens when we are alert to the environment. The opponent has understudy you so that is how they understood your weakness.
Christianity has nothing to do with age; I have seen a miracle happen through a five-year old just as well as an eighty year old. The strategy is that you have to think that, this thing that I am doing, I have to be good in it so that if tomorrow some one else comes to challenge me would I still be the best in that thing?
It is the life we live today that is going to influence our tomorrow. This means we need the power of the Holy Spirit for now and to manifest the future.

So when we talk about integration, we are talking about people who are willing to make themselves viable, inclusive to whatsoever that happens in the society. In Amos 3:3, it reads can two walk together except they agree? This is where we have problems! A husband and wife who are not in agreement how can they work together and do things in common. How can two business partners work together except they agree?

Our Development

So how can you fit into and benefit from a new community except you first agree to integrate with them. In that case you become a threat to the society. For success to come we have to learn to belong into the community.
This is the way christianity too is; when you know the Word of God and you continue to acquire more of it, in time it begins to take a strong hold of your life. You are able to link from one Word of God to another and most importantly the Holy Spirit is now more able to remind you (John 14:26) of it as you even relate it to real life situations.
The Holy Spirit CAN only teach you when you are prepared to learn. God can choose to use anyone to speak to us. Do we want to listen? Don’t we normally say that “They are unbelievers, what do they know?” or “How can I listen to him/her?” But the Bible says in (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21) that believe all things BUT test all things!

Do you know this hard truth?
Those that you think do not like you, are the ones that actually tell you the truth.

You do not like to be with them because it is natural that you do not hear the truth so you can continue to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. If you are able to integrate into the new place you find yourself, you grow faster because you are able to use what you already know and blend it with what new things you have learnt.
Integration is very important. What you know is supposed to help you fit into the new society demands. No matter who you are, when you do not fit into the community you belong to you become a story-teller and a complainant.

This continues from Fire Room Prayer
Putting prayers into sections can be very difficult for a lot of people. Just as in writing a letter, prayers have sections too.
I shall make it clear here that at times, some people can be pardoned for not knowing how to do this. Novice Christians are those who pray to impress people around them. They pray so people can hear them praying. Generally, effective prayer sections are like those that Jesus emphasised in Matthew 6:9-15.
Do it like this:

Running off Prayers

If after a Christian activity, a prayer session or a little ceremony, you no longer need to have a 30 minutes prayer to sum up a 45 minutes occasion. To run off prayer, take this example;
“Father we thank you for being here with us. We thank you for the support, we also thank you for the [here you mention the people who spear headed the occasion that just ended]. We thank you for the praise and worship and we also thank you for all you have done in Jesus’ name. Dear Lord grant us a safe journey back home. Amen.”. This is a simple running off prayer.
There is a big difference between starting a prayer and ending one.
Read this simple format. PLEASE IT IS A FORMAT or FORMULA. Do not start reciting it:

Opening Prayers

This is where you are communicating what you are just about to start in the Lord’s Hands.
“Father I want to thank you for bringing us into your presence today in Jesus’ name. Amen. Lord we want to ask you Oh God to guide us through all today/tonight’s activities [you can mention the activities’ names here]. Lord we are asking that you see us through and also protect those on their way here, hasten their footsteps. Thank you Father. Touch the lips of the man of God and also those going to lead the various activities [you can mention them here] in Jesus’ name. Amen.”