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What is Christianity

What is Christianity

Posted on 11 Sep 2016, Preacher: C-gozi Nwafe
So many of us do believe that it is our going to the church that makes us Christians. They think that it is I am born again business. It is not also that because you go to an orthodox church; until you come to a particular church, most people think one is not a Christian. There are pastors and
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I am, praise the Lord

I am, praise the LORD

Posted on 31 Jul 2016, Preacher: C-gozi Nwafe
The bible says that every thing that has breath should praise the Lord. What is praise? Thanking the people is praising them! Sometimes we find it too big and too difficult to praise people. What could motivate the lord? and Why is praise so important? Psalms 103 says that it is all about
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Attaining the unattained 4

Attaining The Unattained (4)

This is the final part in the Attaining the Unattained series. Attaining the...
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Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships

Navigating the Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships

Navigating the Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships: The Power to Keep Your Home. Understanding...
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Attaining the unattained

Attaining The Unattained (3)

Attaining The Unattained Fourth, where are you going to. The majority do not know where they...
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Transformative Healing Process

The Healing Process

Transformative Power: Building a Life of Purpose through Christ In the hustle and bustle of our...
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Attaining The Unattained (2)

Attaining the Unattained: Untold Truth The truth? You still want to know the truth? Do you know...
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Investing in Eternity: Beyond the Temporal Challenges of a Fallen World

Recognizing the Reality of a Fallen World Simply put, we live in a fallen world. A world that...
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Attaining The Unattained (1)

The 3D+D Route to Achieving The Unattained In this introduction, let’s explore the 3D+D...
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Opportunity in our life

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself why did I used to ask God WHY? We sometimes ask God...
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