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Opportunity in our life

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself why did I used to ask God WHY? We sometimes ask God the question why? Why this and why that! Why did that opportunity pass me by? Have you also paused to think “What do I think the reply of God would be if I could clearly hear...
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God Is Able

God is able Reading Daniel 3:16-18 we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. My key point of emphasis is the confession to the king of Babylon that even if (v.18), our Lord does not deliver us, we would still not bow to you. This is one of the bulls and bears section of...
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Key for divine intervention

Key for divine intervention In Proverbs 3:9 onwards, the Scripture requires us to honour the Lord with our most valuable substance. Why? So that the Lord God can favour us with plenty. Let us equally see Eccles. 10:6-7 and upon careful deliberation, we demand why?Many times, we...
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Key for Divine Intervention (2)

Key for Divine Intervention Continued from Key for Divine Intervention (1) One day in the sixth year, another colleague joined the work and also started their journey. In two years, they had achieved all the former beggar and tattered person had achieved and surpassed them. The...
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New Beginning

A New Beginning Every new beginning comes with a new mandate to the prepared individual and this is what a sacrifice means in Romans 12:1-3. Now it is very difficult to leave behind what happened to us in the past both in our social life and in our personal life. But it is...
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The mind of God

The mind of God All over the world people are shocked by the new world order, but it was God’s doing that things changed here and there. We see a new world order in political spheres. Many people did not expect what they detected in elections today. However, in all we hear...
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Make use of NOW

Spreading from Integration Making use of now is to make use of the tools available to you. At times your life can be made use of by others in the community. Make use of the tools you have now. There are reading materials out there to motivate you to greater heights so please make...
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Living in the past

It has become so natural for many of us Christians in particular to continue living in the past. We naturally forget about today. The presence is so far to many of us. Christianity of today is to deal with our ability to link the living of today into that of yester-years and...
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Personal development

So when we talk about integration, we are talking about people who are willing to make themselves viable, inclusive to whatsoever that happens in the society. In Amos 3:3, it reads can two walk together except they agree? This is where we have problems! A husband and wife who are...
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Effective Prayer Sections

This continues from Fire Room Prayer Putting prayers into sections can be very difficult for a lot of people. Just as in writing a letter, prayers have sections too. I shall make it clear here that at times, some people can be pardoned for not knowing how to do this. Novice...
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