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The Mind of God

To God everything he created was good (Genesis 1:31). We must be in charge of ourselves. He deposited in us the power to choose GOOD or EVIL; but he urges us to choose GOOD (1 Corinthians 10:23). The battle to do good and/evil goes on in us every time. However, it is refreshing to know that the bible states in Romans 9:16 that is not he that wills but it it is God that show his mercy onto all of us. The mercy and goodness of God is so paramount to our success on earth.
In Genesis, it is the goodness and mercy of God that gave us a way out (Genesis 4:13-15) after we had first sinned. We learn in Genesis 5:18-24 also that Enoch walked with God diligently and obediently, he therefore understood who God was and is. We had to offer sacrifices to atone for our sins and/or make sacrifices to get to the next level.
So people ask, why do we suffer especially as Christians?; It is for a reason. We decree and declare onto ourselves what Isaiah said in Isaiah 8:18. He talked about we are born for signs and wonders. The woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:43-48 had to pass through people, struggling with humiliation to be able to get to Jesus just to touch the hem of His garment with faith. What of David?, he had to also go through discouragement to kill Goliath. But without he killing Goliath, we might not have heard so much about David.
No one can ever make it to his/her full potential till they overcome or solve the peoples’ problems. It is quite refreshing to remember that because Christ lives we can face tomorrow and without you, there would never be fulfilment of God’s promise.

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