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Planning Jesus defined His own culture. He did not live in anybody’s culture. He integrated the public one into His own. Why? Because that is the way He could get their attention and then start to influence them. He strategically planned it that way. However, we His...
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Will of God knowledge

The Will of God Knowledge

This is a continuation from The will of God – Sanctification It is The Will of God that we grow in knowledge There are a lot of times when we cannot remain in sanctification (the will of God) due the what Paul described as those we are unequally yoked with us, in 2 Cor....
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Will of God

The Will of God – Sanctification

The Will of God A spoken truth is bitter. Criticism and abuse is cast on the speaker. However, the person the truth is spoken of knows that what is said is the truth. How faithful are we to ourselves when we speak to others. It is difficult to accept the truth when it is spoken...
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vessel of honour

Service Vessel of Honour

This is a continuation of the discussion on Emotions Vessel of Honour Before God can renew you, you must be ready to brace for change yourself. The reason why we have so much problems is because our emotions make us go for what we want but not what we need. That is why David with...
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Thoughts, emotions and actions Emotions are the expressions of our innermost content, feeling or belief due to our ideology and our concept of a particular thing, person, race or culture. Do we see our emotions? ….NO! It is only through our outward behaviour that we express...
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sin and progress

Sin and Progress

Sin and Progress continues from the Understanding Wisdom blog Sin and Progress In a deeper sense we ought to understand that in order for us to succeed and progress  in life, we need to break the power of sin, break the power of judgment and fear over our lives. Do we know...
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wisdom and understanding

Understanding Wisdom

Understanding wisdom is one of the problems with christianity today. We take what we want to take and leave what we do not want or what does not satisfy us from the holy scriptures. We need revelation knowledge always because when we lack revelation, we have no Christ. There is a...
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…continuing from the why of life, we shall take a look at how being creative would make us stop asking that question why? Creativity Faith in operation is all about developing or working to bring to pass that thing that you believe in. In James 2:18-20, we need to develop...
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The Why Of Life In this discussion, we are going to talk about the why of life. The last letter of why is “y“. This is like the funnel: the funnel of life. In Judges 6:10-15, we read about Gideon and his walk with God. There are three things that stand up in this...
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We get up everyday going up and down looking for things to do to add to what we already have. Even in some cases when we take up a new job, it takes about three months to have a grasp with our new job. A big part of that time might be used to learn a new software. Just as that,...
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