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Seek God For Benefit

Your weakness is your secret and your secret is your weakness though it is actually your strength. Your fear is the ‘visualisation’ of your weakness. So fear is the opposite of boldness. Boldness comes from knowing that we are under the rock that is higher than us (Psalm 61:2) or we are standing on the shoulders of giants (This is the edge inscription of the GBP £2 coin).
In Genesis 6:9 onwards, we learn that God actually regretted making man. Noah was right with God not because he was perfect but he found favour or was just in the sight of God. It is believed that Noah was not a top ranking guy in his community, he was just a small short who did just in God’s sight. When God asked him for a favour to build the big boat that would preserve some of his creations, he had a tough time sending the message across since the people were sinful and actually most people would not listen to a nobody in society.
God loves this world so much that He gave His only loved son! God gave His son specific instructions as to what to do in the world to buy out our sins. The benefit, so that all who believe in Him would find their way back to the Father. When we also want to give, let us not just do it because we have to but give because of the benefit that it would bring (Malachi 3:10). Tell, prophesy or speak to your offering or gifts what you want it accomplish. Idol worshippers speak, enchant, etc. into things they give to us so that those things would perform certain functions. So when we Christians are giving, why do we just give?! SPEAK to your offerings and gifts in Jesus’ name and tell your gifts in His name what you want it to achieve and see if Jesus would not tell His father in heaven to honour your words. Amen!

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