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You are a Living Proof


One very important thing for us to be in control is that we must fit in and when we fit in, our story would change. In Psalms 108:14, God prevented harm from coming to His people when they moved from one nation to the other. He also selected some of His special generals to go ahead to sacrifice for the people.
As Joseph was sent ahead of the children of Israel, so your days of struggle and pain are over because it is written, He suffered them to do them no harm. Just as the children of Israel suffered through their journey in the wilderness and God delivered them from their enemies, so shall He make sure that no harm will come upon you. Because He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world, and by the anointing, by the reason of the anointing, every yoke upon your head shall be broken. Amen

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For the sake of their cry, Joseph suffered persecution. Joseph did not kill himself as by today’s standard many would have done knowing that they have received a vision about their future clearly just as Joseph had seen. He Joseph is a living proof that God exists. Make sure not to get despaired when situations seem frustrating.
It does not matter what anybody says about you. All that matters is what God has said concerning you. What did God say concerning you? That you would be the head and not the tail so that your life will change for better and to best. Some people marry their partners for better for worst; NO! Make it for better for best. If the best is not coming then there is a problem with the marriage. AMEN.
Everything stolen from you would be restored, that is the voice of the Lord. How? We are to seek Him first! In Isaiah 43, He said forget the former things so that I the Lord would do a new thing. God says He would uphold your hand, and will open the two level gates (Isaiah 45:2) and the gate of brass shall be broken (Psalm 107:16). He said then I will open your eye to see the hidden riches in secret and dark places (Isaiah 45:3). You are born to be the head.
Your testimony will not pass you by because In His name you shall possess your possession and also it will be fulfilled in your days. People would tell your story because you are more than conquerors, one way the enemy shall come, seven ways they shall flee. They laughed at you yesterday; today they will come to you to beg. When they come to you, you would not judge them by their yesterday’s standard; you will judge them by today’s standard. God says I will confirmed the word of my servant the prophet and perform the message of His messengers. God has confirmed my word. My message to you is that, your days of struggling are OVER!
From John 5:27, today I authorise you to judge your neighbourhood. The days your neighbourhood judged you is over. I say the days your neighbourhood judge you are over. You would judge your neighbourhood. By you government will recommend your neighbourhood. Because He said to you in blessing I would bless you.
He said unto you, I give unto you power. God will build a wall around you. You would not breakdown! You will manifest the glory! When you are good enough to give even to anyone including your pastor, things work better for you. Because He lives you can face tomorrow. He says they that are called by the name of the Lord, they shall be strong and they will do great and mighty things. Amen