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A Christian for Benefit


Praise Jesus He did not to leave us comfortless! That comforter which is the Holy Ghost is our helper and through him, Jesus said greater work you shall do if you believe and signs and wonders we shall do. We are born to be in control and so born for a testimony. The purpose of Christianity is for you to have a benefit. Most people in our society apply for benefits but God’s benefit has no conditions. Until you understand that Christianity is all about benefits you miss the mark.
Why?? If we first seek God, we shall then benefit all other things. It is useless to worship the Lord as a born-again Christian if you have no benefit! There is a reason we want to be Christians.
Many times we say God should use us; or God should work a miracle in our lives. He can take us through some things that are either to show as humility or a lesson for a future problem. When God needs you, He would build you. He would give you the strength.

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At times, God takes us through things so we meet our helper! However, many of us are too scared to take a step and by faith, launch a bit deeper. There, God would drop a single idea and you are going into a new level!
Jesus warned in Matthew 10:34 that ….a man’s foes shall be they of his own household and so no matter who we relate with, someone near us is not interested in our success. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, God through His Word would enable us to discover the members of your household who will take you to the next level. Do not stick to those that will bring you down!
A good woman once said if you are not strong, be smart! The Holy Ghost will make you smart. The Holy Ghost is going ahead of you now; and now what your dream, you have to manifest it to become a vision because when your dream becomes a vision, it becomes reality. At times we have a vision to have a good marriage and that no one will put is asunder. However, the very first day or time you go behind your partner’s back to say or do anything wrong, you have put your marital union asunder!
God bless you!