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Why I must not fail

We all need to have reasons why we must not fail. We all have our own definitions for failure however, failure is success turned upside down – meaning not good enough. In Gen. 15:1, Abraham was old and thought that no one was to inherit him. God is not wicked to bless you so much and not give you any one to inherit you.
There are times in our lives when we think that God has disappointed us. There is at least a reason that when you remember, you know you need to do everything not to fail. God said He would restore all that the canker worm has eaten (Joel 2:25). He would do all these because He LOVES you. One reason too that you must not fail is because God is on your side. God is taking you to the next level. Do not let people change your original plans unless you want to change it. Do not unadvisedly change trajectory due to destructive criticism.

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God’s promises do not fail and so all His promises to you will come to pass. Do not be dismayed. He said He will open to two level gates and He will hold your hands into the room and show you where the hidden treasure is hidden.
You are an anointing carrier and so it is a reason why you must not fail. The same spirit that rose Christ from the dead rest on you. How can you fail? Heb. 9:27, your judgment is that you will rule over your enemies. A victor you are!! A royal apparel is all over you so you cannot fail.
It is just a matter of small time, at the appointed time you would hear your name. He God answers prayers. God has sent a man ahead of you to herald you. HOW CAN YOU THEN FAIL! You must be a living testimony this year. AMEN!!!!