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Who would believe our Report

In Isaiah 53:1 going says who shall believe our report! Who would believe the statement God gives us or put on our lips. But we need to believe that, when God says something to us He will execute it to His perfection.
Nevertheless, we believe in what our carnal eyes tell us and we up doubting God. When in actual fact God has already spoken things to us and all we have to do is to believe. Because we always see what is going on in our immediate surrounding we are of little or “no faith”.

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We are not Christians because we just fancy Christianity, we are so because we believe in due time our God would turn us around. If we believe in the Lord God’s Words, our home would be well. AMEN! No matter what we go through, what we ought to do is to only believe. If we believe then all things would be new in us because we are new creatures (2 Cor. 5:17). When we believe in His word, He would come and live in us. Then it is no longer we that live but it is the Higher One that is in us. If He is in us, we will become a positive influence in the community, society and the world at large.
One of our greatest problems is that even when the great I AM is in us, we give excuses just as Moses gave all excuses not to go on God’s errand. If we allow Him to use us, He will bless us both physically and spiritually. Jeremiah 29:11 , God knows His thought concerning us they are thoughts of good only so let us believe Him so that only blessing will He bless us. Do you need Him then by the mentions of His name, every knee shall bow so call on Him and believe in His promises.