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God Knows Me by My Name


In the name of Jesus, when we pass through the water it would not drown us, and the rivers shall not over flow us. When we are in the fire we shall not be burned. The reason is because God called you by name. My God called me by my name. He said because, I know you by name and I called you by name.
He said: Ezekiel, thou son of man! Shall these dry bones live? (Ezekiel 37:3) I do not know the name He calls you. He called Ezekiel, son of man and the only person that bears that name after him is JESUS. He calls me son of man. God knows you before your mother conceived you and gave you a name and I called you by that name (Jeremiah 1:5)

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He said to David (Psalm 110:3), in the days of your power people shall be willing. This is the day of your power that your people shall be willing. When you speak they will hear you. By the word of your mouth you are in control. You are in charge because nobody can pull you down.
Every yoke will be broken off your neck, every enchantment and every divination against you, against your household, against those that believe in you. That is the word of God! He said ask me anything, I will do it for you just know you are growing above just ordinary Christianity into the understanding of the mystery of His Kingdom. You are going into excellence; you are going into perfection God through His word says He is taking you into perfection. Amen.
So Let they that He called by name spring forth with His praise in their mouth. It is difficult to praise God when you are failing. You will praise Him when it is working. The hand of God, the spirit of God is upon you. It is taking you from your location to another location. If it is not working in the location you are, He is going to lay hand and take you to another location. If it is working, He is taking you to a higher position whereby you can see clearly. Any man God calls by name is successful in life, they have history, and they have success stories. Child of God you have a success story. Because it is your gifts from God that makes way for you (Proverbs 18:16). I call you generation of blessing because you are blessed. God bless you in Jesus’ name. Amen.