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Put Behind You the Former Things


“…do everything to understand the Holy Bible…and stop running after poverty” – C-gozi Nwafe.
In these videos you will learn about taking full control of your life. Getting your life back by being obedient to God’s word which says “Let go the former things” and your life would never be the same.
We ought to understand that we are the best. Your tithes and offerings are very important to your church. If you do not pay your tithe, you are not yet born-again. Not paying it means that you want your church to die. Pay your tithe to your local church. It is this that is used to maintain the church since Government does not support these churches.

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There is a difference between tithe and seed faith. Seed faith can be given anywhere unlike tithe. Non payment of tithe means there is no proper management of our resources and money keeps leaking and disappearing. However when we pay these tithes, the good Lord who keeps His words and somehow provides opportunities and suddenly things happen to sustain us. Non tithers are thieves in the eyes of God.
In Isaiah 43:16-19, the bible says put behind you the former things and I will do a new thing. What do we want God to do for you?
To be so, we need to let go the former things. Former things include: slandering, gossip, backbiting, quarrels, covetousness, etc.. In John 3:3-7, Jesus said except we be born again…. meaning except we can change our attitude and behaviour… A new thing that we want God to aid us with is that we do everything to move towards perfection. Matthew 7:7 says ask and it shall be given onto us. Have we asked? We must do every thing to be of influence to others and help the sad one in the society.
Because you can position somebody, God would also remember to reposition you. In Jeremiah 29, He talked about…not the expected end that I think about for you but the expected end that you think about for yourself. Amen!