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faith that works

We have read many times that it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6). God is a rewarder of he who diligently seeks Him. Why is faith an essential ingredient for our human existence? Faith that works propels us to newer heights.

Faith that works

It is easy to teach someone how to do a thing however, it is another thing for that person to do that thing. If that person does not understand why he/she has to do that thing, then even if those things are done he/she would not learn from its lessons.
Innovative processes comes to those who are prepared to learn a new thing. Have you taken time to ask yourself a question as to why some of us go for a training yet we do not actually know what we have learnt.
Take a good look at the senior England football team, and ask why do they just lack faith at the final hurdle? Why do they panic over minnows? They seem to have no crisis management skills at hand. Why is it that even though the team initially seems confident yet they seem to have no plan B on the field when the “cheap” opponents are seemingly a walkover?
Panic, worry and fear seems to engulf us at the extreme circumstances when we are thrown into situations. From the Hebrews 11:6 we understand that without faith it is impossible to please God. It is also impossible to understand His creative power. Without faith no one can be creative. When most of us are asked about our faith we say we do have faith but what we imply is that one day God would do a miracle for us. That is a natural concept.

People of faith

People of faith are those who create an enabling environment in that each step they take is creative. It was by faith that Noah made that ark (Gen. 6:9-22). It was not normal. Faith that works is your ability to go beyond normal ways of living to create a way of improvement in your day-to-day living. Faith is therefore a source of strength to re-energise a man or a woman who has decided to make a difference in their world. However, in their acts, they accept that in the process they might face unlimited challenges and some of these would break the normal weak vessels. The strength of faith in them determines whether they collapse or get motivated to innovate in order to come out with a needed result. Faith that works would say “Don’t give up!”. Don’t give up your creativity.
Normal lifestyle would say “You’ve tried men!” “Even God understands” but at that extreme level, there is still some one or two persons out there who refuses to give up. Why and how is it that some do not give up trying even though people are still mocking them? Faith is the key into all things. That is why no matter the concepts been taught out there if you do not have the faith to believe what has been taught, you would never learn from it. What faith tells you is that it enable you to perceive the future from now. It enables you to be in control of yourself. This is the test of your faith.


Many times when Christians go through disappointments they ask “Oh where is our God?”. The question God also asks is that “Oh yeah, where are you?”. How can God stand up for you in times of challenges when you His physical representative has taken flight and given up so early? Challenges are what build our faith to be stronger so that when we even seem to lose, we can see the opportunity for a brand new re-start. Faith gives you hope for a better tomorrow and because you believe there is a better tomorrow, you are prepared to learn to achieve that which you hope for. This faith allows us to accept defeat and success. (It takes a large heart). Faith that works energises and re-energises us. Faith is a catalyst that causes an action to take place. We all have faith but it all depends on how the individual applies it.

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