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personal development

Personal development

So when we talk about integration, we are talking about people who are willing to make themselves viable, inclusive to whatsoever that happens in the society. In Amos 3:3, it reads can two walk together except they agree? This is where we have problems! A husband and wife who are...
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Effective Prayer Sections

Effective Prayer Sections

This continues from Fire Room Prayer Putting prayers into sections can be very difficult for a lot of people. Just as in writing a letter, prayers have sections too. I shall make it clear here that at times, some people can be pardoned for not knowing how to do this. Novice...
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fire room prayer

Fire Room Prayer

Read Isaiah 58. What is the right way of doing prayer? In that Isaiah chapter, it asked us if our way is the right way of fasting and prayer? We say we are Christians but are we living that way so that the people would call us so? Why do we not live as Jesus said to us; “Do...
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What is the differences between our yesterday, and our today? Many times we christians go on and ask these types of questions. If you are a Christian, and nothing has changed in your life from last year to this year, then you might like to re-consider your Christianity. One thing...
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upon the heaven; upon the earth

Upon The Heaven (2)

Upon The Heaven; Upon The Earth Our testimony would not come until there is a complete transformation in us just as the earth shook when Christ resurrected from the dead. It is the regenerated Christ that is the answer to all born again Christians. It is the Christ in you that is...
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Planning Jesus defined His own culture. He did not live in anybody’s culture. He integrated the public one into His own. Why? Because that is the way He could get their attention and then start to influence them. He strategically planned it that way. However, we His...
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Will of God knowledge

The Will of God Knowledge

This is a continuation from The will of God – Sanctification It is The Will of God that we grow in knowledge There are a lot of times when we cannot remain in sanctification (the will of God) due the what Paul described as those we are unequally yoked with us, in 2 Cor....
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Thoughts, emotions and actions Emotions are the expressions of our innermost content, feeling or belief due to our ideology and our concept of a particular thing, person, race or culture. Do we see our emotions? ….NO! It is only through our outward behaviour that we express...
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The Why Of Life In this discussion, we are going to talk about the why of life. The last letter of why is “y“. This is like the funnel: the funnel of life. In Judges 6:10-15, we read about Gideon and his walk with God. There are three things that stand up in this...
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love of God

Love Of God

We human beings are very unique. Two or more people need to have some thing(s) in common to start a communication. Expanding the common things that exist between us brings about further communication. So what of communication? Well when we communicate a lot, we tend to like each...
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COVID-19 Communication Updates

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