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The creation

Posted on 10 Jul 2016, Preacher: Sister Rosemarie

The creation

God is a beautiful God of nature. All His nature is beautiful around us. There would not be nature without Him. Reading from the whole of Genesis 1 and Genesis 3. We know that God created man in his own image (Genesis 1:27). Man was created first and he named all things (Gen. 2:20). Woman came later to partner man. We were then given the commission to take dominion of all things created.

When God talked about ‘to subdue and to multiply’ in Gen. 1:28, it also meant that we had to go out to multiply by bringing new members in to the His kingdom. This is where leadership jumps into the fray. Jesus came and when He left He went to bring the helper that His Father had promised in John 14; the helper – the same idea that God had when He created the woman as a helper to the man. This helper for man; the woman – needed warmth and attention and so it was not too surprising that the woman was first seduced by the serpent. She therefore ended up getting seduced and also she seduced the man who became the husband to sin. Yes the man was first given the charge to take care of the woman but he did not have or take the control and end up taking to the blaming game. Blaming is a natural situation that happens to us and in our lives.

Woman – therefore had multiple curses and was therefore put under the tutorship of man after the fall. Man too does have to sweat by their brow for a living. The difficulty here leads us to the situational concept: we make mistakes and we needed to get out of it. Since they all (man and woman) sinned they were all punished. Moreover, women go through at times excruciating pain at childbirth. They at times swear that they would never go through it again but till today they give birth to more. I am here due to that!

There are some sects that have used the ‘Eve eating of the fruit’ situation to punish women – that they are the ones that brought suffering to earth. But for God so loved the world, He gave Jesus to die (John 3:16) for us to bring us back to equality. Man and woman became equal from the beginning when woman was created to be a partner not a follower! It is our choice to be what we want to be. What a man can do, a woman can also do!

So for our children, when there is seemingly a competition among our children we should encourage togetherness. This is the duty of the church to help bring convergence in the individual ideas that we have. In situational circumstances we need to rely on God’s word for a solution. His word has a solution to every circumstance. God realised that there are things that we are not able to cope with so God sent his Son to come and see why we cannot follow Him properly.

So when it comes to the aspect of multiplication, you do not need to have physical children to know that you have multipled. No – by going out to share God’s word and bringing people to God they end up being the children of God.