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creativity concept

Posted on 17 Jul 2016, Preacher: C-gozi Nwafe

We are going to once again look at the topic of creativity.

Creativity Concept

Only cowards wants to get things without wanting to sacrifice. Creativity is so much a broad topic; for example poverty is a choice of life for most people. What we call poor is not poor for most people. How can somebody be so poor he feels lives a life better than the so-called rich person? Somebody might ask, do you need to be creative to be poor? or better still are poor people not creative? Poverty might not be the way you think! It takes creativity to know that you are poor. If you do not know that you are poor, you cannot come out of it.
But one thing that makes the difference is; Jesus that lives in you. What matters is what God want to use you to do. But the truth in all this is that in your own little ways, how creative are you? It is good to be intelligent and smart but you need to add creativity to it. Natural concepts do not let you to be creative because they are those principles and ideas that deal with things like; Ah, well this is how it is meant to be and whatever would be would be.
However creativity would let you have the Elijah mentality where Elijah asked further for a cake from the widow (1 Kings 17:11-22) even when the widow had initially offered only water. Miracles are a creativity. You fail because you do not want to be creative enough to positively affect your own life. Our God is awake and He is looking for a man to use (Ezekiel 22:30). We offend God in church all the time because we’re delaying His work. We keep putting God into situations and He keeps finding a situational agent to get us out. Look at the situation God found himself in the case of Moses (Exodus 2) when He had to create Moses to just get them out of Egypt. In Jeremiah 29:11 He said He has good thought about us. Thoughts that would end expectedly for us.


David saw the opportunity in marrying the king’s daughter he took a creative risk. Marrying the princess was a stepping stone to be the next king of Israel. Goliath was a champion because he defeated a or some champions. Until someone is taken out for you, you would not be able to occupy your position. I do not know, when or how but God would do it again.
Every opportunity presents yet another opportunity even failure! John 14:6 Jesus said He is the way. How can you have access to the Father without you first finding the way. Find Jesus! In John 10:10 He made us to know that life in Christ creates more opportunities for us not as the devil gives; he gives with one hand and take with another. People are scared of you because you drive fear into them. Your work is so good, they are afraid of you taking over. The power of the Holy Ghost would keep us going from strength to strength. Amen.