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opportunityHave you ever taken time to ask yourself why did I used to ask God WHY? We sometimes ask God the question why? Why this and why that! Why did that opportunity pass me by? Have you also paused to think “What do I think the reply of God would be if I could clearly hear Him?” We can speculate and say that He might ask you “Why asking me why?” or “Why do you choose to do it your way?”
The life you live is constructed by you. We always think it is God’s time. The Bible says there is a time a season for everything (Eccl. 3:1). Do you actually think that it would take God all this time for us to achieve this or that thing? God keeps training us gradually till He then presents us with an opportunity to see if we can recognise it as opportunity and take it. It might be small but…. it is still an opportunity.
We normally arrogantly allow the fish to pass and when the big ones finish passing we cry foul. Either we are looking for a bigger thing and the smaller ones we could use for foundation passed us by or we are looking for smaller things only and the big one we have now passes us by.

Barriers to opportunity

The younger generations today do not want to listen to the advice of the older ones just as we did not listen to our older ones. The question is who are we that the younger ones should look on to us? So the question in those days was who were those older ones that we could look on to them?
There is something inside you that your child is looking onto and if that thing is better, they think is on the streets, than in you they go to the street for it. The parent is the biggest and the best role model for the child (Prov. 22:6).

Spreading from Integration
Making use of now is to make use of the tools available to you. At times your life
can be made use of by others in the community. Make use of the tools you have now. There are reading materials out there to motivate you to greater heights so please make use of now.
What makes you uniques is that you are special than the next person you are dealing with. Ask this: How sustainable is that office you have today? Do you test your skills? Challenges are good for us all because they brings out the best in us so test yourself all the time. Anything you want to do there are many resources out there, today we have YouTube and the internet for us to learn from.
Never think you are the best today and be big headed; for a time comes soon that someone would come to challenge you. We need the power of the Holy Spirit for now to realise or manifest the future. Practice is good however, if you do not have passion in that thing you are practicing, you would never be good at it. Passion will make you put an effort in everything you do.
Can God use you now? God can make use of you now for anything He wants. The anointing of God can fall on anybody He chooses to perform with. This anointing is the Holy Spirit of God to function. If you are the only person available to be used, God would use you. Because God has used someone to perform a miracle does not means that they are making heaven.
It is a chance not a right to do the work of God. Explore the opportunity you have to do God’s work. It is the only work you do not contest for and God has always raised someone in the community to do His work.

It has become so natural for many of us Christians in particular to continue living in the past. We naturally forget about today. The presence is so far to many of us. Christianity of today is to deal with our ability to link the living of today into that of yester-years and forge a way to sustain our tomorrow.

Living in the past

Many times we find ourselves far behind schedule. We have to develop things that would make us move forward. There must be changes in our concepts and mentality. successful people aer specially trained to explore where there is weakness and that is where there are things that will make you move forward. Success concepts looks at places of weakness. That is where the opportunity is! It is by being the best in that area. what is the rational behind fight a man in his strongest area.
A football match is won by exploring the weakness of the opponent. That is why we need to understand as Christians that your opponent is not your enemy. The opponent brings out the best in us and that only happens when we are alert to the environment. The opponent has understudy you so that is how they understood your weakness.
Christianity has nothing to do with age; I have seen a miracle happen through a five-year old just as well as an eighty year old. The strategy is that you have to think that, this thing that I am doing, I have to be good in it so that if tomorrow some one else comes to challenge me would I still be the best in that thing?
It is the life we live today that is going to influence our tomorrow. This means we need the power of the Holy Spirit for now and to manifest the future.

So when we talk about integration, we are talking about people who are willing to make themselves viable, inclusive to whatsoever that happens in the society. In Amos 3:3, it reads can two walk together except they agree? This is where we have problems! A husband and wife who are not in agreement how can they work together and do things in common. How can two business partners work together except they agree?

Our Development

So how can you fit into and benefit from a new community except you first agree to integrate with them. In that case you become a threat to the society. For success to come we have to learn to belong into the community.
This is the way christianity too is; when you know the Word of God and you continue to acquire more of it, in time it begins to take a strong hold of your life. You are able to link from one Word of God to another and most importantly the Holy Spirit is now more able to remind you (John 14:26) of it as you even relate it to real life situations.
The Holy Spirit CAN only teach you when you are prepared to learn. God can choose to use anyone to speak to us. Do we want to listen? Don’t we normally say that “They are unbelievers, what do they know?” or “How can I listen to him/her?” But the Bible says in (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21) that believe all things BUT test all things!

Do you know this hard truth?
Those that you think do not like you, are the ones that actually tell you the truth.

You do not like to be with them because it is natural that you do not hear the truth so you can continue to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. If you are able to integrate into the new place you find yourself, you grow faster because you are able to use what you already know and blend it with what new things you have learnt.
Integration is very important. What you know is supposed to help you fit into the new society demands. No matter who you are, when you do not fit into the community you belong to you become a story-teller and a complainant.

This continues from Fire Room Prayer
Putting prayers into sections can be very difficult for a lot of people. Just as in writing a letter, prayers have sections too.
Effective Prayer Sections I shall make it clear here that at times, some people can be pardoned for not knowing how to do this. Novice Christians are those who pray to impress people around them. They pray so people can hear them praying. Generally, effective prayer sections are like those that Jesus emphasised in Matthew 6:9-15.
Do it like this:

Running off Prayers

If after a Christian activity, a prayer session or a little ceremony, you no longer need to have a 30 minutes prayer to sum up a 45 minutes occasion. To run off prayer, take this example;
“Father we thank you for being here with us. We thank you for the support, we also thank you for the [here you mention the people who spear headed the occasion that just ended]. We thank you for the praise and worship and we also thank you for all you have done in Jesus’ name. Dear Lord grant us a safe journey back home. Amen.”. This is a simple running off prayer.
There is a big difference between starting a prayer and ending one.
Read this simple format. PLEASE IT IS A FORMAT or FORMULA. Do not start reciting it:

Opening Prayers

This is where you are communicating what you are just about to start in the Lord’s Hands.
“Father I want to thank you for bringing us into your presence today in Jesus’ name. Amen. Lord we want to ask you Oh God to guide us through all today/tonight’s activities [you can mention the activities’ names here]. Lord we are asking that you see us through and also protect those on their way here, hasten their footsteps. Thank you Father. Touch the lips of the man of God and also those going to lead the various activities [you can mention them here] in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Read Isaiah 58.
What is the right way of doing prayer? In that Isaiah chapter, it asked us if our way is the right way of fasting and prayer? We say we are Christians but are we living that way so that the people would call us so? Why do we not live as Jesus said to us; “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”? Does your heart condemn you when you are doing anything? Read Psalms 58 so it guides us before God!

Fire Room Prayer

fire room prayer Find out how you can reframe your prayers. Prayers that God would give his ear to.
In Matthew 7:7, it reads that we should ask and it shall be given unto us, it went on from there… So also in Jn. 14:14, Jesus wanted us to know that ask anything in the name of Jesus Christ and God the Father would do it for you.
Jesus sounded a note of caution that do not just pray; but when we pray, we should pray in a particular fashion. Pray with the format by first praising God the Father in Heaven… Matt. 6:9-15.
Today, how do we shape our prayer life so it is unique. For that reason we are launching what is called fire room prayer. Where nobody tells you what to pray for but you know that it is between you and God (Unless specific prayer points are raised). A prayer in which you are not distracted. In this type of prayer, you set your time as to how long you want to pray for. There, you are going to wrestle with God for a solution.
In this type of prayer, you empty everything with God. Make sure you put of phones, etc.. As soon as you connect, do not disconnect till your prayer is over and you set the time and agenda. Read your Bible, especially the verses about prayer or that has to do with prayer.
Better to prayer for 10 minutes and get a conviction that the prayer is answered than to pray for an hour and feel nothing.

Continue with Effective Prayer Sections

What is the differences between our yesterday, and our today? Many times we christians go on and ask these types of questions. If you are a Christian, and nothing has changed in your life from last year to this year, then you might like to re-consider your Christianity. One thing you can tell about someone who is a christian is that they are first Born Again – A true Christian.
There must be a reason why you are a Christian. So why are you a Christian??? Do you go to church as a social event or to please God? Do you live your life just to please God and build on the Word of God already in you?

Social Integration

How do you integrate yesterday to today? Integration is our ability to inter twine ourselves into our new-found community in the environment we are. It means taking our culture to balance into the ones we find ourselves.
Imagine you find yourself in a different locality or community, in order to be integrated into that community, you need to let some things go whiles you incorporate some new ideas from the new community.
Two questions need to be asked here;
a) Do you want to stay in the new community and integrate there in the long-term or
b) Do you plan staying staying just the short-term?
If the plan is to go with the option A, then we need to study and learn the lifestyle of the people there to feel included so that we are respected and valued in the long run.
However, in the case of option B, since you are just passing by, you can choose not to do any thing to integrate. But even there, there are still somethings that you need to learn in the new land.

One of the hardest things we pass through in life is our adaptability to change. What scares us most is change even though we know it is the only constant thing in life. Successful people anticipate it whiles the rest are scared of it.

What scares us?

Change can be so subtle or so violent; for example ignore something for a bit longer and the first Law of Motion which Issac Newton describes as Inertia would actually set in. When you do not know what is happening around you how can you plan for change? It very difficult to adapt to change when you do not know what is changing.
We are all changing but into what? What are we changing into? Our inability to recognise change is a big personal battle everyday. We are scared, because we do not see ourselves good enough to stand up to challenges in challenging times. Christians over emphasies on evil forces but they do not prepare for a rainy day.

You are your own greatest enemy.

They are so adamant to learn new things even so relactant to study. We fear innovation! But if we can or are perpared to learn (2 Tim. 2:15), we can share ideas. In sharing ideas, we individually gain more than we think (Isa. 1:18-20). We have depressed situations because we find it difficult to redirect our thoughts to positivity and we therefore get frustrated.
God knows the thoughts He has of us (Jer. 29:11). He wants to give us an expected end. What end? The end that we expect. To prevent us being scared, we need to turn (2 Chron. 7:14) and return to the power of God on earth; the Holy Spirit. He is a gentle one who would never come in unless you allow Him (Rev. 3:20). You are God’s investment on earth so He put Him watch over you (John 14:16; John 16:13)

This post is a continuation of our greatest asset.

In Achieving the dream, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to enter into the kingdom of heaven than for a rich man. The rich man thinks that he has self actualised and therefore does not need change. He cannot be malleable nor flexible. Wisdom is needed to be malleable and flexible. Knowledge is needed to even spot the eye of a needle. Change is the only thing that does not change and that is where we have to be double delivered.

Achieving the dream

In John 3:1-7 we read that except a man is born again. Born again means to get the knowledge of a thing first. You need to be born of spirit and water after born again; that is wisdom is needed to enter. We all can see the goodies in the land however, you need the wisdom to enter and take your possession.
Until you discover the mysteries in God’s kingdom, you are still dueling in the foundations and the fundamental principles. These elementary principles Heb.6:1-2 is what most of Christianity is today. Christians are eager to show off their new attire in church, ask what church do you go to?, who is your pastor; name, origin, etc.. What is that nonsense all about? Go back and read what all those child-ish discussions as Paul called them! Let us study and learn what it means to be of better use to our society by being productive and effective work force for our various countries as a whole.


What is perfection. Digging deep! Let us move from these minor things. Even the devil can preach these things. Let us not be prayer collectors but we should be anointing distributors.
In achieving the dream, there are always opportunities out there however, it is for you to decide it the way that has opened for you is the right one for your success concept. We all have our destiny and therefore dream. There is a structure in every fulfillment of the dreams. When the dream is achieved, we then live on our dreams and get fulfilled. Those persons mentioned above saw their dreams from the past.
A dream about the future is what led Ruth to declare herself to follow Naomi. She saw herself in the next few years where she would be. DREAMS!

Coming to think of it, who are you? What do you perceive yourself to be? You are what your greatest asset tells you that you are. Dreams are our greatest asset and you are your dreams. At the least of times when all seems down, you only have your dreams. Your dreams are your thoughts.

Our greatest asset

Knowledge is a fundamental requirement to developing wisdom. What do we need wisdom for what? Wisdom to get things moving in life to the next level, wisdom answers all calls; wisdom and money are friends (Ecclesiastes 7:11-12) and therefore wisdom without money is poverty and annoyance.

A person with a dream is a person who does not breakdown due to the pursuit of the dream.

David had a dream, so did Joseph (Gen. 37:5-7), Peter had a dream too. What of Abraham, Esther and Deborah (Judges 4:8-9). We can remember Ruth (Ruth 1:16), Joshua and Moses and many like that including Paul and Titus. They had a dream which was their driver; It is to be number one. One thing we all need to understand is that as Christians when you read the Bible you have to find yourself in it. Let those words jump up in your spirit.
Jephtath (Judges 11) was thrown away but never gave up. Peter never gave up too. Elisha had a dream to be at the top (2 Kings 2:9). They all never gave up and they all believed that it might not see the end of their dreams but they can pioneer the dream so that future generations can build on it. Dreamers can fail and see it as an opportunity to continue more intelligently.
Many of us cannot tap into your dreams due to fear. Fear makes you to see the failure only. Many of us dream to be the heads and not the tail. We want to get the prize but do not have the ability to pay the prize to realise the dreams.

Next achieving the dream.

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