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The Days of Honour

December 4, 2016 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Place : 823A Stockport Road, Levenshulme Manchester. M19 3PN
Phone : +44 161 2243 960

The days of honour would enlighten you into the fact that understanding and dominance is for a balance gain! It is only when you understand someone who you alone can decide whether to stay or pull out. It is as a result of the hardness of heart that, Jesus said, Moses gave those rules of disengagement of the relationship between man and woman.
Days of Honour

Days Of Honour

In the days of your power which are the days of your honour, your people shall be willing to follow you because you would be the salt of the earth. A light unto the people’s path. Have you wondered how and why you are so good and good however, you keep failing in your relationships?
Do you know and understand the “Self Politics”? We can only influence that person who sees us mastering our self (Gen. 2:23). We need to understand that in that same thing that makes you strong is that loop-hole that exposes your weakness. In 1 Samuel 1:15, in as much as Hannah prayed, good old Eli thought she was drunk!
Do we get to grip with the ideas of Partnership Politics? This the art of getting to know ourselves so that we can gain that vital competitive advantage or a balanced gain where there is reverence of values and status from both sides. For us to have a good relationship partnership, we need to understand what the other is looking for; what made them to agree to be in this relationship in the first place.
There is that psychological warfare that takes place in every relationship that each partner seeks to win to take charge of dominating their niche. You both understudy the other based on the realistic truths they know of you. New thoughts and ideas step in continually in reverence to the agreement keeping. We ask, now that this has worked, what of tomorrow. Can it still be profitable?