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Effective Prayer Sections

Effective Prayer Sections

This continues from Fire Room Prayer Putting prayers into sections can be very difficult for a lot of people. Just as in writing a letter, prayers have sections too. I shall make it clear here that at times, some people can be pardoned for not knowing how to do this. Novice...
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fire room prayer

Fire Room Prayer

Read Isaiah 58. What is the right way of doing prayer? In that Isaiah chapter, it asked us if our way is the right way of fasting and prayer? We say we are Christians but are we living that way so that the people would call us so? Why do we not live as Jesus said to us; “Do...
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Will of God

The Will of God – Sanctification

The Will of God A spoken truth is bitter. Criticism and abuse is cast on the speaker. However, the person the truth is spoken of knows that what is said is the truth. How faithful are we to ourselves when we speak to others. It is difficult to accept the truth when it is spoken...
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In this blog we are looking at four keys to a successful christian living. Now lets us look at what a key is. A key is anything that can be used to lock or unlock something and it is believed that these keys all exist in society. Now so what is success? Success is attaining to...
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seed time

Seed Time

A seed is a viable and complete unit containing the necessary information for the next generation. From Genesis 8:22, there is always a time to sow and a time not to sow. You decide what to do with your seed. God gave us seeds; not the finished substance. One can either eat his...
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another opportunity to prosper

Another Opportunity To Prosper

God does not force people to do things against their will. However when we do His will He would do for us on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). He is looking for an opportunity to bless us! We read Genesis that God blessed Abram. He prospered but with limitations. He had no...
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sowing ground

Sowing Ground

As clay in the potter’s hands, so we are supposed to be in the hands of God. Yes,…. the potter can mould the clay to what ever the potter chooses. As humans, God has given us the power of choice as stated in Rev. 3:20. We decide everything that we want to do. If you...
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COVID-19 Communication Updates

Christ World and Clergy Ministries Church is committed to the health and safety of our congregants and partners around the world. We are carefully monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and have instituted health and safety measures recommended by local health authorities and the World Health Organization.
As obedience is better than sacrifice, please obey the directions of your local authority!