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Our God is a beautiful God; Amen. From Matthew 12:34 we see that when you are delivered it is then that you can deliver someone through the power of the Word. It is what you have in you that comes out of you. If you have no creativity, how can you inspire creativity? Meaning until you look within yourself and tell yourself the truth, you would have no inspiring principle; no principle that can guide you; and you would not have the authority nor the power to change situations.


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If you cannot give someone good advice it means you too are not good enough. Until you are delivered you cannot deliver anyone because whatever you have inside of you is what you give out. So many people are lost because we are not prepared to stand up to speak the truth to them. We are not honest enough to give them the right advice even if we know it. It is better to give the right advice to somebody who wants it and if after a time there is a problem because they did not heed to it, they can say at least you had given them the right advice initially.
A good friend sees to it that you are good and ok because he sees you as part of himself and what ever faults you have as his problem. If you have self deceit it is the same self deceit you instil or inculcate into others. When people come to you for advice be honest to give them the right one. Our major principle is that we must do every thing to get out of problems ourselves by asking if this problem is caused by ourselves or if someone else caused it. We mostly apportion blame at the first instance. Do self-analysis regularly!
We must always have the ability to do self assessment to do ourselves a favour. There are times when it is difficult to do such a thing however we need to do it somehow so that we do not bring down so many other people.


We now live in a world where there are structures put in place for things to happen in one way or another. We need to understand how things work and be honest to tell people the right things and not be people who do things in such a way that we carry others problems due to dishonesty just the same as if you are not delivered over an issue you still remain in that issue.
Many of the times people do things and it looks as if they are doing nothing or chasing the wind but they are doing things because it is important to them. People give you a certain amount of respect because of what they get from you. Your anointing would never function until you are delivered and can put into action (creativity) that which the anointing is intended for.