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upon the heaven; upon the earth

Upon The Heaven (2)

Upon The Heaven; Upon The Earth Our testimony would not come until there is a complete transformation in us just as the earth shook when Christ resurrected from the dead. It is the regenerated Christ that is the answer to all born again Christians. It is the Christ in you that is...
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upon the heaven; upon the earth

Upon The Heaven (1)

Upon The Heaven; Upon The Earth One of the greatest asserts we have is personal testimony. Many times we only have church testimony but not personal testimony. Truth to ourselves is very important to personally improve. The greatest problems the church has is that we the members...
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In this blog we are looking at four keys to a successful christian living. Now lets us look at what a key is. A key is anything that can be used to lock or unlock something and it is believed that these keys all exist in society. Now so what is success? Success is attaining to...
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born again

Born Again

Which church did you plan to go to, which one did you end up with, and why do you want/need to hear the word of God in that particular church? These are some of the questions that we knowingly or unknowingly ask ourselves when choosing a place of worship. However, why do people...
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We do not need prayers to achieve, accomplish or get over things we can physically avoid. When we come together with one mind, we can achieve a lot. In Luke 11:17,  Jesus said any kingdom filled with civil war is doomed; so is a home filled with conflict and negative arguments....
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in the beginning

In The Beginning….

We need to make real sacrifices to enable us reach our targets and/or goals in life. Why? ..because we chose this path as human beings; though in the beginning it was not so. In Gen. 4:1-7, we study an important lesson; the true and false approaches to God. Cain and Abel, both...
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seed time

Seed Time

A seed is a viable and complete unit containing the necessary information for the next generation. From Genesis 8:22, there is always a time to sow and a time not to sow. You decide what to do with your seed. God gave us seeds; not the finished substance. One can either eat his...
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