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Christ World Book Launch

01 Dec 2019 | 09:00 am - 01:00 pm

The Christ World and Clergy Ministries is proud to announce its inaugural book launch at the Manchester branch (UK). We here are excited to have come a long way in these our studies. The 5-in-1 book pack launch will showcase a set of specially compiled books for church Sunday school teachings in line with the vision and mission of the church.
Actually, there are 4 Sunday school books and 1 foundational course book. In these books, emphasis is laid on the fact that there is no way of knowing the mind of Christ without studying Him into details to know Him. When we do not know Him, how can we make Him known?
The Books
Book 1 – Our Community. This workbook begins with the understanding of the importance of the community and how we fit in it. Topics include, Our Community Value, Growth, Leadership, Business in the Community, and Investment.
Book 2 – The Maturing Community. Here, you would continue the process of abundant living through examining the some of the core teachings of Jesus Christ. This workbook hits you like no other Christian book. It begins by analysing some of the most controversial settings in the Holy Bible. It continues into the reality of our existence – Covenants (Agreements). You would then dip your toes into Life after Death and end with the Baptisms.
Book 3 – The Matured Community. The whole of this workbook is dedicated to exploring just 2 chapters in the Book of Revelations. It is the matured community because there is no way you can fathom Revelations when you have no groundings in Genesis. In chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelations, Christ must have been serious to literally copy and paste a particular sentence for 7 times. Find out more!
The admonitions and advice give to the 7 churches are for all the churches today. You are the church the community sees so be presentable. This is the greatest evangelistic tool.
Book 4 – The Implementation. As a top-up to the previous books, this workbook applies the knowledge gained from the ones before it. In Emotional Partnership, emphasis is once again firmly laid on the mega importance of Communication. Innovative Favour teaches us the importance of the super clause “if“. Our advance human language which was kickstarted by the woman is due to “if”.
Get this book and the others before it!

You are hereby invited to partake in this book launch and support the Christian growth of a neighbour.

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